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William Courtney, MD
Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 2nd District of California

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happpiness


ANALYSIS OF BOND v. UNITED STATES new therapeutic opportunities from an ancient herb

Non-psychotropic plant cannabinoids new therapeutic opportunities from an ancient herb

Clean Gene Act: Corporations must be stopped before they contaminate the global genome. What has happened to soy beans, will happen to Cannabis!

Congressional Term Limits: The lifelong, professional, special interest lobbyist-politician needs to pass into the history books, before the Supreme Court protects special interests’ “1st Amendment rights”. Restore representation in the House of Representatives!

Flat Tax: To avoid World War III, taxes are required to reduce the massive National Debt. Plug the loop holes that allow the oil companies and the corporate bigwigs to steal from us!

Kyoto Protocol Time to support the Kyoto Agreement now that we are sucking Chinese exhaust. The US has finally associated with the like minded.

Medical Freedom / State Rights: Citizens need established rights to 600 mg of Non-Psychoactive Dietary Cannabis!

Global Warming / 6th Mass Extinction: Loss of habitat, increased temperatures, & opportunistic pathogens are resulting in the collapse of the tree canopy around the world. This loss of CO2 sequestration can be reversed by Cannabis which repairs 5 times more CO2/Acre than trees!

Oil to Water: The Oil Industry has a death grip on Congress, the US & the world, Zero CO2 ocean floor energy now!

National Debt: Every household in the US is over $670,000 in debt. August 2011, added another $600 Billion. Social Security and federal pension funds areeach in multi-trillion dollar shortfalls; Over 70% of the GDP is spent to pay the interest. Deficit spending fuels the vicious debt cyle!