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William Courtney, MD
Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 2nd District of California

Genetic Engineering Background, what exactly do genetic engineers do at Monsanto?


Like corporations with their affirmed 1st Amendment Rights, Congress, the US Patent and Trademark Office and Legal Precedent shelter Genetic Predation. In typical professional courtesy the sociopaths confer the right to turn a profit even if you destroy a billion year old global genome. Monsanto pollution is not of the Air or Water, we have the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to set some modicum of social consideration of the pure id driven mandate to maximize dividends, damm the environment and its protagonists. Monsanto’s first romp has already failed, financially plants are becoming resistant to RoundUpC , morally they have altered the surface markers converting Soy from a safe food staple to one that now provokes allergic reactions. Consequence of short sited for profit genetic predation: 100 million years to reverse the damage. Costs to clean up the environment in 2011 US Dollars??

Irrevocable damage to the global geneome makes Deep Horizon look like ‘Earth Day’. 210,000,000 gallons of spilt oil? Cost to restore environment?

If you appreciate clean air and water, please support the CleanGeneAct, that is send a Microbiologist to Washington to donate page and if you are a web engineer who is not a plant for Monsanto, please help build the site.

Until then, small steps.

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