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William Courtney, MD
Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 2nd District of California

Flat Tax:


There goes another block of voters, not to mention the 700,000 accountants and tax attorneys. The OCD’s will note these are national numbers and the all do not live in the Second District in California but I reusing this website when I am forced to run against Ross Perot after I limit out in Congress.

Flat tax for Buffet and his administrators and secretaries.

Political Promise #34 Increasing the Tax the Wealthy will balance the budget Reality, There are not enough wealthy to fix the problem, but we all should have an oar in the water, it is a LONG WAY TO SHORE. Dropping IRS, Saving a trillion dollars would go along way to reaching the 1.2 trillion dollar reduction in spending.
Fire every member of the ‘Super Committee on Deficit Reduction’,

Proportional Tax