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William Courtney, MD
Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 2nd District of California

CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS Term Limits is known as the largest grassroots movement in American history, and US Term Limits (USTL) continues to be, the leader of that movement.


Before supporting me, Please support term limits. Term Limits work for the California Assembly, the Executive Branch, likely to die on the table, in the committee long before it unanimous rejection from both sides of the isle.

Congress is an embarrassment. Mired in partisan sociopathy, the life long professional lobbiest politicians were on parade during the last round of ‘raise the debt ceiling’. The ceiling was raised 17 times during Regan’s Administration, seven times during Bush but the Tea Baggers took it to the brink for some free campaign advertising. Each Congressman knew financial bankruptcy would not benefit even the morally bankrupt. Second thought I am sure some trader with benefit from the global sell off of US ‘Securities’ though they know they prefer the interest payment as long as it lasts. The global run on the principal will require ‘Spooky’ driven computers that function ‘irrespective of distance or time’. Even those posers trashing prime time with their Big Time Wrestling moves knew that after servicing the debt there is not enough GDP left to run the government. Oops their goes the AAA, we will see if the US can stay the course on AA, the 12 step program will require a House Psychiatrist.

There are 434 Politicians, send a shrink, Dr. Courtney for Congress.